Gigli Film Society – 2021 – 2022

Gigli Film Society – 2021 – 2022

Hi everyone! We are a group of students who are really into films. We are going to watch and talk about some films of different genres, from Oscar nominated movies to ligthearted comedies. There will be also some special events, we are going to meet a film expert and to the cinema. We are from Istituto Gigli Rovato in Italy.

  1. THE SHAPE OF WATER (2017)

The shape of water is a 2017 movie directed by Guillermo del Toro. The movie takes place in Baltimore during the 60s. The plot is about a mute woman, Elisa, who works as a cleaner in a laboratory for top secret researches. Her only two friends are Zelda, her co-worker, and Giles, her neighbour. Her life is very monotonous, but one day a big change happens. A new creature is brought into the lab and the woman immediately feels a weird connection to it. She starts to secretly visit the being and she gets to know it well. Elisa has to go through a difficult time when she manages to discover the real purposes the scientists have towards the creature; she doesn’t know if she should follow her instinct and protect the creature, getting herself in trouble, or if she should just avoid messing with other people’s businesses. What will she decide to do?

2. BLACK SWAN (2010)

Set in New York City, Nina Sayers, is a professional dancer in a prestigious ballet company and lives with her overprotective mother Erica. The company is preparing to open the season with the “Swan Lake”, the director is looking for a new principal dancer and he wants the same ballerina to portray the innocent, fragile White Swan as well as her mysterious, sensual twin, the Black Swan. Nina auditions for the part and she has to compete against another great dancer to obtain the main role, but her journey won’t be easy.

3. ENOLA HOLMES (2020)

Enola Holmes is a dramatic and detective movie. With its brilliant dialogues and interesting dynamic, Enola Holmes is surely one of the most intriguing films about the Holmes’ family. Enola is an extremely cunning and clever girl, just like her brother, that will face the sudden disappearance of her beloved mother and the complicated bond with her brothers. Will she be able to find her mother and go back to her normal life?

4. SPENCER (2021)

On a critical weekend of December 1991, the marriage between Princess Diana and Prince Charles grew cold, and rumors of affairs and divorce started to get around. However, the Royal Family ordered peace for the Christmas festivities at the Queen’s estate. There was eating and drinking, shooting and hunting. Diana knew the game, but that year, things would be different as she decided to change her path definitely.

3 Risposte a “Gigli Film Society – 2021 – 2022”

  1. I chose to take part in this project because I’ve always enjoyed watching films and learning languages, especially English . I think this is a great opportunity to do what I love while sharing this experience with other people.

  2. Dear all,
    I hope the course will be up to your expectations.
    And this is the right space where to share ideas and opinions.
    Can’t wait to watch the first film…. By the way, mind the green colour… it has something to do with The Shape of Water!
    See you on 4th March.
    Mrs. Fogazzi and Mrs. Venturini

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