Life skills: problem solving Erasmus+ Schools of tomorrow

Life skills: problem solving          Erasmus+ Schools of tomorrow

From the 5th to the 7th October 2021, some students of 3L Lin, 5G Ip and 5M Ip took part in Schools of tomorrow, a project of the European mobility tool Erasmus +.  During that short period of time, the Italian students of Gigli had the opportunity to meet their German partners of Ehrhart-Schott-Schule of Schwetzingen in an online cultural exchange. The pandemic impeded real mobility that was replaced by a series of online meetings. Was it a disillusionment or a new chance for the students of Gigli?

Tuesday, October 5th

On the 5th October we started our Erasmus+ mobility. After a short general online meeting on Teams, we were asked to write our expectations for this event on a Padlet and, later on, we could meet up with our German mates in separate rooms and we introduced ourselves. After getting to know each other we divided into 3 groups formed by 3 Italian and 2 German students, we played online games together and chatted.  To end our meeting, we returned to the Padlet where we shared our feelings about this new experience. 

Wednesday, October 6th

On the second day, we participated in a cooking show together. We exchanged traditional recipes from our countries and tried to cook them in small groups while we were talking and asking for advice to our partners in an online meeting. We met at 2 pm and did our usual check-in. Then, we started to cook: we were required to make mushroom pancakes while the German students had to cook spaghetti carbonara; we were divided into 3 groups, cooking in different houses.  In the evening, from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm, we played a quiz about general culture, history, geography, and maths.

Thursday, October 7th

The meeting began at 2 pm. First of all we used the Padlet to write down some ideas to enhance the webpage of our project Schools of tomorrow. We were divided into 2 teams. The first one recorded a podcast while the second one worked on the blog. We had to talk about the activities of the past two days and our experience as Erasmus students, in both cases. In the end, we said good-bye and we left the meeting with the hope we would meet up again, maybe in real life this time.

We couldn’t go to Germany and that was a bit disappointing but, all in all, this online mobility was a really good experience: we learnt something new about German culture, we met new people and made new friends. We are really thankful to our teachers and our school for giving us the possibility to take part in this amazing project. 

Apostoli Aurora, Bahri Nisrin, Cherubini Camilla, Festa Angelica, Metelli Sara, Paderni Denise, Pezzoni Ester, Quaranta Miriam, Scalvini Chiara 3L

“Despite all the fun we had in our lounge, I have never seen such enthusiastic students working on a project”
Yvonne Tröster
(the German headmaster).

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