Diaries from Portsmouth

Diaries from Portsmouth

During our stay in Portsmouth we wrote our diaries not to forget those magic moments. Now we want to share our thoughts, feelings and impressions with all the students of the school.

“We went to a shopping centre where I had my first caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks; it was amazing! In my free time in London, I visited the National Gallery with Martina, Mary, Alice and Raffaella. I was fascinated by all the paintings and I really started to love art. I’ve learnt that the road to Buckingham Palace is red because the queen wanted to make it like the red carpet.” (Giulia Zanini)

“It’s strange to see people driving on the right! I’ve learnt a very funny idiom: “it’s raining cats and dogs!”. I’ve discovered that the Big Ben is not the tower but only the name of the bell inside it. The tower is called Elisabeth’s tower.” (Alice Castagnola)

“Words of the day: tired, happy, satisfied. After dinner we had so much fun that I’m not even able to describe these emotions with words. We went to the beach and we touched the British sea.” (Mariagrazia Contartese)

“The lessons were funny and the time passed quickly. In Portsmouth we met two policemen: one of them told us that he has some relatives in Palermo and he seemed very happy and proud to let us know; this made me very happy. I’m surprised to see how fast the weather can change here in England.” (Francesca Velardi)

“The college is completely different from what I imagined but it’s cool. I’ll love to stay here.” (Chiara Festa)

“During the challenge night Laura ate an entire muffin without using hands! She was really funny. We went up the Spinnaker tower, it was very high and the view from the top way breath-taking.” (Alice Lodigiani)

“We have discovered that the inhabitants of Portsmouth are very proud of their town.” (Laura Belotti)

“The staff was welcoming and lovely. In Victoria Park we saw lot of squirrels.” (Martina Lazzaroni)

“I feel like the fort (Portsbrook Fort) is my home. I’ll surely come back to London one day…” (Erika Verzeletti)

“I’ve never visited London before and I’m so curious to see how it is like.” (Ilaria Mece)

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